Argocat deployed

The latest estate kit, an Argocat, is put through its paces by our manager, Steve Woodhall. This 8-wheeled vehicle is really optimal for getting to difficult places that we could not reach on a quad bike. Its main role will be deer recovery on Taransay, so staff will no longer experience the joy of carrying  a 120-kg beast down the mountainside.

argo2 argo3 argo4






The Argocat fits easily onto our redoubtable landing craft, the Verley Anne, so we will be able to approach remote areas of Taransay, drop the door and roll straight off the vessel. Practical stuff aside, the Argocat is also just great fun. It is amphibious and capable of crossing lochs, albeit pretty slowly. Our Argocat has been characterised as a  boy’s toy, but we suspect that girls will like it too.

argo1 argo5 argo6