• Borve Estate Newsletter 10

    Proof of Deer on South Harris The pristine wilderness of South Harris is a place where one can glimpse all sorts of creatures. But in recent years, there has been little chance of seeing a deer outside of their mountain keeps in rugged North Harris. Significant herds of yesteryear had been[…]

  • Job Vacancy – River Watcher

    Due to family commitments we have an opening for a River Watcher at the Borve Lodge Estate. This is a full time SEASONAL position from May until November each year. A competitive salary and single person accommodation are available to the right candidate. Ideally you should be familiar with all[…]

  • Borve Estate Newsletter 9

    Weathering a Weatherbomb The Estate has been subject to a bit of a battering and a pasting this winter, being on the receiving end of a perfect recipe of winds, tides, snow and storms. The great British public now know a new phrase — the ‘weatherbomb’ and we have had[…]

  • Argocat deployed

    The latest estate kit, an Argocat, is put through its paces by our manager, Steve Woodhall. This 8-wheeled vehicle is really optimal for getting to difficult places that we could not reach on a quad bike. Its main role will be deer recovery on Taransay, so staff will no longer experience the joy[…]

  • Borve Estate Newsletter 8

    Battle of the Stags on Taransay In a vale on the far side of Taransay, extraordinary things are going on with our resident deer population. This is the rugged side of the island, well-blasted by the Atlantic winds and coastal graveyard to hundreds of unmoored buoys. But in the small[…]

  • Borve Estate Newsletter 7

    The Significance of Sandeels for Supper Down at the ocean, there is a continuous airborne treat at the moment. Large gannets float atop the blue waters of the sound of Taransay, and then decide to take flight. They lazily circle once, then a few more times, before they spot their[…]

  • Borve Estate Newsletter 6

    Short Nights, and Long Days to sit on Perfectly-placed Stones So you are wandering across the coastal machair, the rolling grassland of wildflowers, clover and knee-high plants that abounds on the Hebridean coastline. Bees are buzzing as they pollinate flowers, and a myriad of insects bounce about. Above, a lapwing[…]

  • Borve Estate Newsletter 5

    The Joys of Hebridean Light The interplay of light in the Hebrides has for a long time made the location a mecca for photographers, both amateur and professional.  The weather patterns constantly change, and as photography is essentially all about exposure, these variables make Harris both challenging and rewarding for patient[…]

  • Breagha and Brook join the team

    Our Facebook followers will have seen that Estate Manager Steve Woodhall has just acquired 2 Labrador puppies as part of our sporting development program. Our Facebook followers were asked to suggest names for the 2 little girls. The names chosen are a traditional Gaelic name, ‘Breagha’ and for the other[…]

  • Borve Estate Newsletter 4

    The idle seals of Taransay Just a few hundred yards from the main houses on Taransay, there is a sheltered cove that is home to our resident seal population. If you follow a zig-zag route behind various boulders, and hug certain ravines, you can get to a large rock face[…]