The Broch. Welcome to the Broch at Borve Lodge Estate. One of our flagship properties, the Broch is a stunninmg recreation of an ancient Duin or fortress. this amazing architecturally and historically inspired property on West Harris is available to rent on a self catered basis. Please visit our main accommodation pages for details and booking links.

Borve from Above. A drone is a very dynamic means to explore the environs of Borve Lodge Estate, as this compilation shows. Flying fast and low is possible on the tree-less landscape of Harris, and the environment is well-suited for this new approach to filming. Seals and highland cows did seem non-plussed by this buzzing visitor. Snappy music too.

Harris & Lewis, A Timelapse Film was produced by Photographer Kirk Norbury on a recent visit. The film showcases some of the dramatic scenery of the Western Isles and features our beautiful property The Broch.

Castaway Day 3: Redemption. The final episode of the three-part #Castaway trilogy set on the estate-owned island of Taransay sees the culmination of a three-day enforced survival experience. After 3 days of whelk and seaweed broth, will the team eat for the first time in over 60 hours?

Castaway Day 2: Exodus. Could you survive 3 days marooned on an island? A group of six international sporting journalists embrace the second day of their survival challenge on the estate island of Taransay.

Hebridean Drift. After a slow spring season fishing the mainland rivers of Scotland, four friends set out to explore the wild Hebridean rivers and lochs in search of Atlantic Salmon, and enjoy the Estate’s Laxdale system

Castaway Day 1: The Sting. A group of six international sporting journalists think they are going on a day-trip to the island of Taransay, but there is a bigger adventure in store for them.