The Broch

Availability Update:  As we are operating at a reduced occupancy level in order to fully meet the new standards for COVID-19 housekeeping, The Broch is now fully booked for August and September 2020


The inspiration for this truly unique building came from dwellings that were scattered across the Scottish coastline during the iron age. This is probably the first broch built in the UK since the Roman era, and the vision was to make it appear as if 21st century comforts had been transplanted within an ancient ruin.

Standing three stories high, the Broch’s main aspect commands views over the wooded Borve Valley direct towards the distant ruin of an iron age citadel, in keeping with the ancient tradition of having a network of keeps within line of sight. The Broch pushed the boundaries of dry-stone wall methods. Drawing inspiration from the Broch at Carloway on Lewis, stones were placed in random configuration, with the base stones being nearly 2ms wide, before tapering upwards. Massive lintel stones sit above each window, and slate ramps ensure rain runs down and off windowsills. The roof is crowned with turf, and the Broch is entered across a slate draw-bridge.

A stay within the Broch can only be described as unique, and a raw minimalist design has been maintained throughout the interior.

The Kitchen and dining area are on the ground floor, where a wood-burning stove can provide some cosy ambience, but it is little needed: an air-source heat pump provides under-floor heating throughout. You head upstairs by treading on steps shaped from windblown beech trees protruding from the walls, and the linking banister is an art-work in itself, made from iron rendered into an undulating pattern, interspersed with glass icons.

The middle floor is the location of the sitting room and main bathroom. It is wider and spacious, and on cold nights, extra heat can be derived from a second fireplace, the mantel made from the beams of an old wharf.

The top floor is the location of a four poster bed, directly beneath a circular skylight through which one can view the stars. It is also a place for commanding views of the Broch’s many aspects, the rich woodland of Borve valley. The two lochs beneath the hillside. And of course the north Atlantic. Throughout the vast main windows, there is little human habitation on view. The Broch is a place that offers true calm and solitude.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept bookings for people with young children, toddlers or pets in the Broch.

Short Stays available. Prices from £643.00 for 3 nights (low season).


Sky Satellite TV systemWireless InternetFully maintained as a self-catering residence, with high-end kitchenWasher and dryerUnder-floor heating provided by air-source heat pumpWoodburning stove with supply of logs and kindlingAll necessary sporting equipment listed under Activities is supplied by the Estate according to specific arrangement

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