West Harris is a playground for the adventurous, and there is a myriad of activities for those who enjoy the outdoors. There is plenty to do on the Estate, and in the environs of this coastal wonderland. In any season, the elements are intense, and there is a matching range of activities to allow one to get the most from a trip to Harris.

  • Fly fishing: The Estate owns the rights on the Laxdale River system, a stunning location in West Harris that extends into the Luskentyre estuary providing fly fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout. We also have numerous Lochs and Lochans that provide endless opportunities for Brown Trout fishing.
  • Stalking: A herd of around 220 Red deer are well established on the Isle of Taransay. As part of our ongoing management plan stag and hind stalking is available in season.
  • Sport Shooting: The estate has rights over several thousand acres of moorland that include some of the key shooting drives of West Harris. In season, the main shootings are woodcock and snipe

    The landscape of West Harris provides a stunning backdrop to a diverse range of activities

    The landscape of West Harris provides a stunning backdrop to a diverse range of activities

  • Walking: The estate accommodation is in the Borve Valley, which is one of the few areas of mature woodland in West Harris, and is a perfect location for walking and picnics. Beyond the environs of the estate, the walking options are endless. Guided walks can be arranged with the North Harris Trust and other local providers.
  • Photography: The Western Isles provide countless opportunities for visiting photographers of all abilities and the estate properties are the perfect base to explore the island.
  • Sea Fishing: Trips to various locations, weather and season depending, can be arranged. Typical catch will be Pollock and Mackerel, but Skate, Cod and other species can be found in the abundantly rich Hebridean waters. The rocky east coast of Harris provides some superb opportunities for the roving angler and local guides can be arranged in advance.
  • Bird & Wildlife Watching: Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles, Merlin, Gannets, Eider, Puffins and Corncrakes are just some of the birds that can be seen, according to season along with Otters, Seals, Red Deer and Mountain Hare. Guided walks can be arranged with the North Harris Trust and other local providers depending on the season.
  • Other activities that can be arranged locally are mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, sailing, kite-surfing.

What to Bring…

The adage runs, if you don’t like the weather in Harris, wait five minutes. In one day, particularly in the transition months, as autumn moves into winter, you can experience blinding blue skies, a squall, and a hailstorm. The Atlantic provides dramatic and intense weather patterns, and one should be well prepared to get the most from this unique environment.

Between mid-April and Late September, pack your sunscreen and swimwear as well for the perfect days when the sky is blue, the sea is turquoise and Harris can outshine any location in the world.

But we do advise to prepare for all weathers, and the suitcases of our wiser guests will typically contain:

  • Walking boots and preferably wellies

    Fishing on Loch Fincastle

    Fishing on Loch Fincastle

  • Raincoat
  • Waterproof outer trousers
  • Waterproof rain hat
  • Gloves
  • Binoculars
  • Camera