Deer Stalking & Shooting

Deer stalking takes place on Borve Lodge Estate usually from August until February each year and is an essential part of the estate’s habitat management programme. A population of wild Red Deer, (1 stag and 4 hinds), was introduced to Taransay in the early 1980’s and this population has multiplied and now numbers around 200 animals.

Taransay provides a truly unique experience for our stalking guests

The Red Deer, (Cervus elaphus), is the UK’s largest land mammal with the fully grown adult males, Stags as they are correctly known, weighing upwards of 350 pounds. The stag herd on Taransay provides an amazing wildlife spectacle during the rut which usually starts in September and peaks in October. The Stags move down to the low ground pasture to join the Hind groups and then compete for mating rights. The sound of roaring Stags and clashing antlers echoes around the island and the deer can be observed in close proximity, which provides superb photographic opportunities.

Careful and considered management ensures that the deer herd compliments the available resources on the island and it is this herd that provides the opportunities for visitors to enjoy the most traditional and inspiring of Scottish sporting activities. Stalking is traditionally conducted on foot and under the guidance of our Head Stalker and under the auspices of current best practice. We can confidently say that it is one of the most incredible places in the UK to be able to stalk Red Deer. Completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the scenery and mosaic of Taransay are genuinely breathtaking.

Deer Stalking & Accommodation Packages

The estate offers several packages for the stalking of Stags and Hinds during the season including ‘exclusive use’ full lodge bookings for up to 12 guests as well as self catered opportunities in our beautiful cottages for individuals or smaller groups. Our deer management team are highly experienced and we are happy to welcome newcomers and novices who wish to enjoy this wonderful experience. We also offer fully accompanied stalking with your camera for guests who want to get close to deer and other wildlife to take wonderful photos.

 Sporting McNab Challenge

Watching deer on Taransay

Sporting McNab challenges are available on a limited basis. The McNab is derived from the novel by John Buchan titled “John McNab” and involves successfully harvesting a Red Stag, a brace of Red Grouse and landing a Salmon all in one day. McNabs are not guaranteed but every effort will be made to achieve success.