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Behind the Scenes: Our Adventure with BBC Scotland's 'Scotland’s Greatest Escape'

BBC Scotland show 'Scotland's Greatest Escape'

Last year was filled with remarkable moments for us, but one of the most unforgettable experiences was our participation in the second series of “Scotland’s Greatest Escape,” a popular show produced by BBC Scotland. Imagine our surprise and delight when we received an invitation to feature in this esteemed series, chosen from a pool of approximately 1,400 accommodation providers. Our unique and unusual offering had caught the eye of the BBC Scotland team, setting the stage for an adventure we could hardly have anticipated.

The moment we accepted the invitation, the wheels of planning and preparation began to turn. Our estate was to become a filming location, nestled between the arrivals and departures of our valued guests. We were entrusted with keeping the filming under wraps, sharing the secret with only a handful of guests who were present during the production. These guests were given the special task of contributing their thoughts to a Guest Book, a request from the production team to capture authentic reactions and experiences.

October brought the production crew to our doorstep, ready to capture the essence of our estate and the meticulous efforts of Chris, our dedicated housekeeper. The presence of Graeme Stevely, better known as Grado, a professional wrestler and actor renowned for his roles in “Two Doors Down” and “Scot Squad,” added an unexpected twist to the day. Grado’s involvement ensured that the filming was not only about showcasing our estate but also about infusing the process with humor and light-heartedness.

The filming process was an eye-opener for us. The meticulous attention to detail, the repeated takes to capture the perfect shot, and the overall dedication to creating a quality segment for “Scotland’s Greatest Escape” were both impressive and intensive. Despite the pressure of completing our changeover in time for the next guests, the experience was seamless, thanks to the extra hands on deck and the cooperative spirit of everyone involved.

Reflecting on the experience, Chris shared, “The filming was a great experience. It has given us the opportunity to show our guests how much effort and commitment we put into preparing for their arrival and ensuring they have enjoyable and memorable stay with us.” This sentiment captures the essence of our participation in the show – an opportunity to showcase our dedication to guest satisfaction and the unique charm of our accommodation.

We are thrilled to share this exciting journey with you and invite you to tune into BBC Scotland at 8pm on 28 February 2024, to witness our feature in “Scotland’s Greatest Escape.” It’s a proud moment for us, and we can’t wait for you to see the behind-the-scenes magic that went into making our segment a reality. Join us in celebrating this significant milestone, a testament to the uniqueness and allure of our estate, as recognised by BBC Scotland.

Self Catering Isle Of Harris the Broch
The Broch as Featured on BBC Scotland's 'Scotland's Greatest Escape'

As seen on the BBC, Scotland’s Greatest Escapes

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