Taransay Day Trip

Spend a day on Taransay, one of the most magical islands of the Hebrides, and the location for the reality TV series Castaway 2000. The owners of the island are now taking select groups of visitors to Taransay, so they can experience somewhere truly remote, pristine and wild

Visitors can roam freely across Britain’s largest uninhabited island, and expect to enjoy:

  • Wildlife: seals, deer, otters, sea eagles, golden eagles, and rich array of marine bird life….
  • .. The evidence of previous occupants: iron age fortresses, Viking mills, old black houses, ancient middens, and even some Castaway vestiges
  • .. A profound landscape of talcum-white beaches, rolling machair grass, and heather-strewn mountains, surrounded by the wild Atlantic

We expect visitors to be:

  • Of reasonable fitness to truly embrace a quite challenging terrain
  • Prepared for a day away from ALL 21st century amenities: you must bring food, water and appropriate clothing
  • Understanding of our delicate island environment, ie leave only their footprints, and take away only their memories!

The Full Day Trip will provide:

  • Passage to and from the island, aboard the Estate’s commercially coded landing craft
  • Access to bathroom facilities
  • Access to shelter, should the Hebridean heavens part
  • Complete freedom to explore the island


  • Trips will run five days a week, Tuesday to Saturday
  • All guests must book online, and sign the disclaimer form
  • The vessel will leave from Horgabost Beach starting at 0900, with 8 passengers per trip
  • Entry to the island will be at Paible, the main settlement area on Taransay
  • Return trips will commence at 1600
  • If weather prevents travel, we will fully refund. Every effort will be made to provide a crossing on an alternative day

Pricing for the Full Day Trip:

Adults, £70

Children, aged up to 16, £40


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