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Weather in the Outer Hebrides: Recognising Borve Lodge Estate’s Long Service with The Met Office

Borve Lodge Estate, Isle of Harris: Steven Bond from the Met Office, Adam and Cathra Kelliher and Tony Scherr

Pictured above and sharing weather wisdom and warm smiles are Steven Bond from the Met Office, Borve Lodge Estate owners Adam and Cathra Kelliher, and the legendary Tony Scherr of Borve Lodge Estate. Together, they celebrate 50 years of dedicated weather monitoring and the magic of the Outer Hebrides. 

Weather Warriors: How Borve Lodge Estate Assists The Met Office in Forecasting

The abundance of rain does not surprise anyone who visits this gorgeous location. At Borve Lodge Estate, we have been monitoring the weather for almost 50 years. Let us look at the intriguing world of weather in the Outer Hebrides, from humble beginnings to key cooperation with The Met Office.

The Legacy of a Rainfall Record

Borve Lodge Estate’s weather monitoring story began in June 1971 under the cautious eye of Tony Scherr, the Estate Manager at the time. He recorded the rainfall and meteorological conditions while managing the fisheries and developing a hatchery. The measurements were initially gathered at the Borve valley dam, but the tipping point came when someone recommended formally sharing these statistics with The Met Office.

Weather in the Outer Hebrides - Rainfall records at Borve, Isle of Harris
Borve Lodge Estate began collecting the rainfall data in June 1971 when Tony Scherr, the Estate Manager at the time, kept a record of the rainfall and weather conditions while managing the fisheries and developing a hatchery.

Collaboration with The Met Office

Tony Scherr’s decision to exchange rainfall records with The Met Office marked the start of a long-term collaboration. The data acquired at Borve Lodge Estate has been critical in feeding into The Met Office’s weather and climate models. Every piece of data adds to more accurate weather forecasts and climate predictions, making the Estate a critical component of the national weather monitoring network.

A Dedicated Tradition

Tony Scherr diligently took daily rainfall readings personally for 48 years. In 2019, he passed the torch to the Estate team, who embraced the responsibility with great pride and enthusiasm. Borve Lodge Estate now remains one of the UK’s last staffed rainfall recording stations, preserving the region’s weather monitoring tradition.

50th Anniversary

The Estate hosted Steven Bond from The Met Office to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of rainfall data collection. Borve Lodge Estate’s lengthy contribution to weather monitoring was recognised with a special recognition ceremony. Steven, for his part, was enthralled by Tony’s rich history and weather anecdotes recounted during a friendly gathering over tea and scones at the Lodge.

Harris Hospitality
On 2nd August 2023, we were pleased to welcome Steven Bond from the Met Office, who presented the Estate with an official plaque and certificate recognising the long service. Steven was then thanked with Harris hospitality in the way of tea and scones in the Lodge.

Looking Ahead

Weather monitoring evolves with technology. Although automated technologies have become more common, human-led data collection remains vital. Borve Lodge Estate embraces innovations while staying committed to providing dependable and accurate meteorological data to The Met Office for the next 50 years and beyond.

The Outer Hebrides is a place of breathtaking natural beauty. A subtle yet significant history of weather monitoring exists at Borve Lodge Estate amidst the rainbows and beautiful surroundings. This collaboration with The Met Office has altered weather forecasts and climate predictions for five decades, creating a significant difference in people’s lives. As we move forward, let us remember the Estate’s dedication to weather monitoring in the Outer Hebrides and its ongoing contribution to meteorological study and understanding.

MET Office official plaque presented to Borve Lodge Estate
Steven Bond presented the official plaque from the Met Office to Borve Lodge Estate.

More information on the Met Office’s work can be found at:

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